Privacy Policy

Karya is a non profit platform that aims to Redefine Employment and Services recognizing the present-day issues such as shortage of human resources, massive migration of unskilled, low-skilled and skilled man power and scarcity of quality services in a developing country like Nepal.

As our motto suggests Work-Learn-Work-Earn, Karya primarily focuses on the type of jobs that doesn’t necessarily require a university degree. We are creating a community that believes Earning, Learning and Working can happen together. With this concept our Nepalese brothers and sisters need not feel that they do not belong to an economically independent section of a society because they lack skills or a particular educational degree. At present we are focusing on the jobs and services of categories like Helpers, Construction Workers, Movers and transporters and Repairers and maintenance workers.

With our alternative approach to Employment we are addressing the following aspects of development keeping job creation, quality services and skill development possible for every individual in a society in a balanced mechanism.


a) Fulfilling the necessity of services to every common Nepalese
Services are day to day needs of every individual, household or startups and industries irrespective of their economic class/strata. But in many cases the problems and issues remain unsolved either a common person is not able to afford to hire a professional or because it’s just hard to find appropriate workers. Depending on your affordability you can find beginners, semi-skilled or skilled manpower who are willing to provide you services to gain experience and develop skills and compromise on the cost of the service.Skill levels of Karya users varies, this variation is an opportunity for employers to negotiate on the cost of the service and is an opportunity for Workers to increase their experience, level up their skill level and also increasing daily income.

Our Alternative approach to services will give people to resolve common problems around us to live an organized  and efficient life right away.


b) Creating Employment
Creating a culture of resolving and fixing basic problems around us right away can create ample amount of part time and full time job opportunities. This can decrease the tendency of a common man to look for foreign employment to make a very basic income. A vibrant market of workers and jobs is the most efficient way of decreasing unemployment. This way we create a vibrant marketplace of workers, jobs and employers. Each of us can become an employer, a worker and create jobs.


c) Motivation to Provide Quality Services
At Karya, Your identity is Your work. Work accomplished by every worker is evaluated by the employer based on the mutual negotiation and an honest commitment to the work. The employer gives reviews and ratings of the works that one completes. Positive reviews and ratings of a worker can increase his/her probability of being hired and also he/she can scale up the cost of hiring. Over a period of time, gaining sufficient experience and solving significant number of problems a worker becomes eligible to upgrade his skill level and build a very strong, appealing and awesome profile.


d) Trainings for Motivated Workers
Those who make significant progress in their work performance also get the chance of attending various trainings from national and international professionals. Karya organises regular training sessions on Organic Farming, Tailoring, Hospitality, Electricals, Plumbing, Carpentry, Yoga and Meditation, Mechanical repairing etc . Karya will put its best efforts to make you productive and a part of a professional skilled manpower.


e) Opportunity for Nepalese workers to collaborate with International professionals
Making yourself  known to the world through your work is a wonderful way for Karya users to build network and get connected with the international professionals and employers. You will get opportunities to learn from them, share ideas and collaborate with people around the world.